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Spokane Beard & Mustache is all about giving back to the community we call home! Our charity in year one was Vets Garage; year two was the Spokane Guild School, for which we received the Good Neighbor Award; year three was the Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery, for which we received the outstanding support award; year four was Safety Net.  Year five was River’s Wish Animal Sanctuary. Year six was Solution is Hours, year 7 we worked with Teen and Kid Closet and Embrace Washington, and in year 8 we again worked with both Teen and Kid Closet and River’s Wish Animal Sanctuary. In total, we have raised $111,000 for these seven charities.

In 2020 we have selected to work with Teen and Kid Closet! Teen and Kid Closet is all about dignity for an often overlooked population, children in need. The idea is simple. We give new or gently used clothing to children who need it. Our focus is youth in foster care or in poverty.

 TKC is a brick and mortar shop in Spokane, serving all of eastern WA and North ID. Every shopper, from babies to young adults are welcome to our free shop. Each child has to be referred by someone of authority: social worker, school counselor, etc.

 Most of the youth we serve have no other access to nice clothes. Many times they carry a few possessions around in a trash bag. And sometimes they don’t even have that.

To learn more about Teen and Kids Closet, go to there website! Volunteer opportunities are always available!

Check out the club’s Crowdrise Fundraising site and consider donating today



We are always looking for businesses to partner with to support what we do throughout the year. If you would like to talk about any of the sponsorship opportunities, please email
As a reminder, all sponsorships are tax deductible, tax receipts available upon request!



– Title Sponsor is only offered to 2 non-competing businesses
– Business donating cash, products, or combination of both totaling over $2500.
Emphasis on the money donated to charity. We would like at least 50% of total
donation to be cash, but open to negotiation.
– Will receive title sponsor plaque from the foundation.
– Sponsor will have name and logo on competition poster and shirt as title
sponsor, will be mentioned during any interviews, mentioned during the
competition, and mentioned on our page.
– Have table at competition.
– Business donating cash, products, or combination of both totaling over $500-
– Will receive presenting sponsor plaque from the foundation.
– Sponsor will have logo on competition shirt and poster, mentioned at the
competition, and mentioned on our page.
– Have table at competition.
– Business donating cash, products, or combination of both totaling $100-$499.
– Sponsor will have name on competition shirt and be mentioned on our page.
– Business donating up to $99 in cash, products, or both.
– Sponsor will be mentioned on our page.



Our main fundraising will come from our Epic Beard Competition on October 10th, where people come from Canada, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, California, Western Washington, Utah, Texas, and hopefully even more this year to celebrate all things bearded and help raise money for our charity. We will be back at the Pin, 412 W. Sprague Ave. on October 10, 2020 Competitors are $25 before the competition, and $30 at the door. Spectators tickets are just $10, and there will be raffle tickets available.

Categories for 2020 competition are:

(In no particular order)

  1. Business Beard 3″ and under
  2. Full Beard Under 6″
  3. Full Beard 6″ – 12″
  4. Styled Mustache
  5. Creative Build-A-Beard
  6. Realistic Build-A-Beard
  7. Natural Mustache
  8. Partial Beard
  9. Freestyle
  10. Couples
  11. Full Beard Styled Mustache
  12. Full Beard Over 12″

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The Spokane Beard & Mustache Foundation is supported by the Spokane Beard & Mustache Club, a separate social group. The club meets the 4th Thursday of the month, 6:00 pm, at various locations. We talk about club and foundation business, have a great time together, and volunteer for various charities including our chosen charity for the year! We have different levels of membership.

REGULAR MEMBER: Come to the meetings when you can and have a great time!

REGISTERED MEMBER:  Dues are $40 per year. All registered members are on a 6 point system. A club meeting is one point. There will be a sign in sheet at every meeting. You need to sign the sheet if you want the meeting to count for your requirement. Any local, regional, or national competition is 2 points. Any charity event we do is 2 points. A charity event is defined as at least 5 registered members attending or helping with an event for any given charity that isn’t our chosen charity. If it is working directly with the charity we have chosen for the year, it doesn’t matter how many members are present. This makes it easier for registered members to meet their requirement in a variety of ways. 6 meetings, 4 meetings and an event, 3 events, etc. Lots of different combinations to get you there. In return for your investment in the club, we like to make sure the members get something tangible. You will receive a membership card, a vote in club business, any discounts secured with local businesses, and each quarter there will be a member gift in appreciation for you joining.

PATCHED MEMBER: Registered member for 1 year. If this is your first year as a registered member, you can still earn towards your patch but the requirements aren’t completed until you pay your 2nd year dues. Attend 8 meetings in the calendar year. Compete in 1 major regional/national competition (Spokane, Portland, Vancouver, Sacramento, etc). Participate in 4 charity events. Events can consist of working with our charity of the year, working with a past charity, working with another charity with at least 5 registered members present. These requirements are cut and dry, not a point system like the registered member requirements. All requirements need to be met in a calendar year.





OCTOBER 9, 2020: Epic Beard Meet & Greet

OCTOBER 10, 2020: Epic Beard Competition at The Pin

OCTOBER 11, 2020: Epic Beard Hangover Brunch



Competitor Tickets are Now Available

Competitor Tickets are Now Available

Purchase Today!

Welcome to the page for Spokane Beard & Mustache, and thank you for your interest! The Spokane Beard and Mustache Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit in Spokane, WA. in the past 8 years, we have raised $111,000 for charity. The foundation is supported by the Spokane Beard and Mustache Club, a separate social group. Spokane Beard & Mustache strives to promote a positive outlook on the bearded community. We do this by promoting events and activities that help support various charities. We challenge people to embrace the hair on our faces and see what we are all about.  This page will be easier to navigate and get you the information you need to join, help, donate, or compete!