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The Spokane Beard and Mustache Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit in Spokane, WA. In the past 12 years, we have raised nearly $150,000 for charities. The foundation is supported by the Spokane Beard and Mustache Club, a separate social group. Spokane Beard & Mustache strives to promote a positive outlook on the bearded community. We do this by promoting events and activities that help support various charities. We challenge people to embrace the hair on our faces and see what we are all about. This page will be easier to navigate and get you the information you need to join, help, donate, or compete!

Hello, my name is Shawn Glander and I have the honor of being the President of the Spokane Beard and Mustache Club.

At SBM, leadership is a roll taken by all and I am just lucky enough to oversee the organization of the many great things we do.

I have been a member of SBM since 2018. Over the years I have traveled a lot to compete and judge in beard comps, assisted and helped run other clubs, volunteered countless hours to
great causes, and have taken part in raising an absolute amazing amount of money for charities.This community is home to me, and I absolutely love being apart of it.

Here’s to a year of amazing opportunities! Cheers!


Hello, my name is Ash and I’ve been an active member of Spokane Beard and Mustache Club since 2017. I knew at my very first meeting that this was the group of like minded individuals that I had been looking for in the community. The mission for SBMC has been and will always be -Help the community and give back to the individuals who need it most.

I became a council member in 2019 and was really excited to be able to help this club continue on its path of awesomeness! Then the diabolical 2020 year hit and the club took a massive hit in active members. I then became President of the club in hopes of keeping everything best we could with what we had going on in all our lives. I was the President for 3 years and recently stepped down to VP all while maintaining the same desire to bring this club back to its glory with even more amazing people coming together to work, to better all communities we can reach.


Hello everyone, my name is Drew and i am the current Secretary of Spokane Beard and Mustache. I was first introduced to the bearded community when some stranger saw my beard and told me that Spokane had a beard competition coming up the next month. I looked up the competition and found it on Facebook. I saw there was a meeting coming up ay the Viking (one of my favorite bars) before the competition so i decided to go check out who I would be competing with. I got there and was greeted by a fantastic community that explained to me the mission of SB&M and the bearding community in general. I walked on the stage at the 5th Annual EPIC Beard Competition and fluffed my beard around and was hooked on bearding. Since then, i have attended nearly every SB&M meeting and pledged numerous hours and weekends volunteering for SB&M and our many partnered charities. I am incredibly proud to be on the board of SBM and am always looking for new members and new opportunities for our club.


My name is Phillip Staggs, I’m 62 & have been a member of SB&M for 5 years, I am a current board member for a wonderful club of the best people i could ever know!!
I am a retired police officer of the Little Rock police Department in Arkansas.
I have also been a professional Santa for 30 years!! 😁😁


Hello, I am Victor Daily.
I joined Spokane Beard and Mustache in 2012. When the local press mentioned ‘Beard Club’ I knew I had to be there!

Since then, I have held multiple positions on the board and am currently the Treasurer.
The people I’ve met and the places I’ve gone have really been rewarding. The contributions to the community are a bonus!

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